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Our Approach

  • We work in client’s homes and immediate communities (can include job site, college campus or any other relevant location).
  • We help individuals and families identify priorities, develop skills for independent living and develop maintain routines that support independent living.
  • All evaluation and intervention services are delivered and designed by licensed Occupational Therapists.
  • We use evidence-based tools at intake to help families and client identify lagging skills, priorities, goals and a plan.
  • Our services complement and work in collaboration with any existing services.
  • Sessions are typically two hours in length and most often, held on a weekly basis. Frequency and duration of services depends upon level of need, availability of the client and financial feasibility.

What Skill Areas Does Skills for Life Address?

As Occupational Therapists, we are uniquely trained to facilitate opportunities for our clients to utilize skills they may possess but often lack the structure or routines to perform regularly. Our weekly or bi-weekly sessions allow our clients to create habits that are closely supported and revised during our visits.

  • At Home Skills
  • Financial Literacy Skills
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Food Skills
  • Personal Appearance Skills
  • Health and Wellness Skills
  • Self-Determination and Self-Management Skills
  • Transportation and Community Access Skills
  • Use of Public Transportation Skills
  • Using Basic Technology (at Work, Home, Socially)
  •  Pursuing Lifelong Learning and Post-Secondary Education
  • Social and Recreational Skills
  • Self-Advocacy Skills
  • Medication management
  • Executive functioning

Contact Us

How do I learn more?

For more information, please call 857-352-1701 for a free 30-minute consultation.

Program Director: Jane Hannafin, MS, OTR/L

Clinical Director: Brooke Howard, MS, OTR/L